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Sound Paving - Sealcoating

     Asphalt will naturally deteriorate from rain, sun, and wear over time. An unsealed surface tends to fade quickly. Turning tires tend to wear a surface more heavily and it is preferred that a sealcoat layer be worn instead of displacing sand and asphalt aggregate.

     You can prolong the life and enhance the appearance of a pavement by sealcoating the surface. A sealed surface will hold a deeper black longer, protect the asphalt, and prevent cracking. In order to prepare a surface for sealcoating, we will clean, trim edges, and prepare the surface entirely. If needed, this can include asphalt repair, filling large cracks, and sealing those with a compatible product that does not bleed through.

     Note: sealcoating is often performed in spring/summer/fall when temperatures are well above freezing.