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Sound Paving - Resurfacing

     Over time, asphalt surfaces can deteriorate, crack, and become unleveled. If left untreated, water can settle into sunken or exposed areas that further weaken the asphalt. In winter months, a freezing of moisture in cracks can significantly widen and loosen material. These occurrences could require a resurfacing to level the pavement and restore the appearance. In many cases, a cost effective new layer of asphalt is added over the top of a surface and a heavy roller will compact the material to provide a strong and smooth finish.

     In some cases, small sections of the pavement may need to be torn out and repaired. Additional rock may also be recommended to shore up the base. In rare cases, the entire surface may need to be replaced, with fresh rock and material installed. In all cases, Sound Paving will provide an honest assessment and recommendation that ensures the structural integrity of the pavement with a great appearance.