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Sound Paving - Frequently Asked Questions




  • How long should a newly paved driveway last?


    It is not uncommon to get decades of use under normal wear and tear.

  • Does it need to be cleaned? How to prevent fading?

    Cleaned periodically, keep driveway clear of rocks/gravel rolling on it, and sealcoat driveway. Asphalt will naturally deteriorate from rain/sun, sealer doesn’t fade as much as asphalt.

  • What is the process for paving a parking lot?

    Paving a parking lot requires the same processes as paving a driveway.

  • Do we paint lines?


  • What is the process for paving a driveway?

    Existing driveway: Tear existing concrete driveway, grade, install fresh rock, compact, pave

    No driveway at all:  grade, pave

    Existing asphalt driveway: tear out part of it, and repair

    Existing gravel driveway: Depends on existing conditions, usually 4-6 inches of rock

  • Why should I sealcoat?

    Sealcoating will keep your driveway or parking lot from cracking, and will limit displacement.

  • How long does it take a sealcoat to dry?

    It is generally okay to walk on after 2-3 hours, and 24 hours to drive on it

  • How often should I sealcoat?

    Once every 5-7 years depending on wear. 7-10 years for residential.

  • What do you do about grass, weeds, or plants growing in cracks or holes? How about oil?

    Clean, trim edges, and prepare surface. Asphalt repair if needed, large cracks filled and sealed

  • Do I need to do anything to prepare for the service?

    We can prepare the surface or allow the customer to perform the necessary readiness tasks.